Monday, March 28, 2005

detox/fasting delayed, thoughts

alright, finally tuning in here. i believe we've all decided to delay things another week to allow us to start on a weekend and research things a bit more.

a few thoughts:

come on scott! you can give up caffeine for a few days! you're not going to die, despite any "flu-like symptoms". i think your caveat may give yourself an easy out. hell, you may acheive enlightenment after three days of no caffiene!

let's do this right!

another thing, i'd really like us to stick with specific program. if you're not going to do the lemon juice and maple syrup "lemonade" thing, i'd suggest you pick another program that has been used by others. for example, arden's has a 48 hour detox (1 gallon of watered down lemonade per day). anyway, i'd just like us to avoid coming up with one that suits us (i.e. no welsh's grape juice and nicorette "detox").

ok, i'm picking on scott, but sunset and i have talked a lot more about specifics. i think we're pretty much on the same page. we're aiming for seven days, and we've been discussing starting on saturday or sunday.

scott, i'd encourage you to aim for 72 hours. you can do it dawg ;)

also chatting with devon today, who claims some knowledge on the subject but was "too lazy" to post to our blog:

(11:23:39) devon: i think you can always drink water
(11:23:44) devon: and herbal tea
(11:23:56) devon: in fact, if you are doing a week long fast, i encourage it
(11:24:02) devon: esp. for frances
(11:24:11) devon: dandelion, nettles, oatstraw teas
(11:24:27) devon: are very good for detoxifying, nourishing, and supporting female systems
(11:24:31) devon: and boys too

alright, that's it for now kids.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

the beverage question

okay, so we all agree giving up the caffeine's gonna be hard (if we decide to drop it entirely), but question of the week is: what beverages ARE allowed? only the delicious-sounding lemon/maple syrup mixture? what about just plain water? i don't know about you guys, but i imbibe a LOT of water a day. and if water is allowed, is flavored, sparkling water allowed? like, oh, say, la croix? and if flavored, sparkling water is allowed, is caffeine-free, herbal tea allowed?

if no one knows the 'official' answer, my vote is YES, those items are allowed. yes, yes, yes, yes. yes.

Friday, March 18, 2005

First Fasting Post

Per Greg's suggestion, I've agreed to go on a cleansing fast (giving up solid food and any addictive substances) for 48 hrs, with one caveat: caffeine/coffee may be taken/drank if symptoms of withdrawal are unbearable. It's a very large monkey.

I've hardly gone a day in the last 10 yrs without injesting caffeine in some form.

Greg and Frances will be joining me on this fast, or I should say that I'll be joining them. They're planning to do it for 5-7 days. Hardcore. I'm really just a latcher-on.

This blog is set up as a journal to discuss the effects of our fasting.

Maybe I can get Bridget to do it with me.

Greg? When are we starting this? Easter?