Thursday, April 07, 2005

day 5.5/6: two down, two to go!

i'm pretty hungry but i haven't had any juice yet today. i'm staring at a quart of slighly salty water for my "internal salt water bath". it scares me a little.

i woke up this morning to a message from scott telling me that he broke his fast/cleanse last night at dinner: wakame salad and miso soup. he made it a little longer than 72 hours which i believe was his revised goal. jess made it 48 hours which i believe was his goal for starting out.

left are me and sunset, 5.5/6 days into the master cleanse. we started on saturday afternoon and it's now thursday morning. last night saturday afternoon seemed really far away. today, with two days left to go, it seems a bit more manageable. we're sticking pretty closely to "the book", so the first day off only affords us the luxury of orange juice. i'm starting to get really excited about our vegetable soup on sunday. wow.

cheating dream
i had some crazy food/fast related dreams last night. i dreamed i was making biscuits (the southern American kind, y'all) and i started eating one of them. at some point i was like "oh shit! i can't do this!" i starting wondering what the effects would be of putting solid food in my body. i think i felt a little unsettled. later, i putting something else in my mouth and had the same "oh shit!" reaction. seems like i was having a hard time remembering i was trying to stick to the fast.

reportedly i was also talking in my sleep and smacking my lips. i have been known to fantasize about food as i'm falling asleep ;)

why are you fasting? who are you people??
we're all very religious. we are members of a new church called the church of scientific fastology, first juice branch. we hold weekly services around town and treat new members to lots of ice cream. we're always looking for new members who like to eat ice cream. please contact one of us if you'd like to visit or are considering join our cul--church, excuse me.

actually, the church hasn't quite gotten off the ground yet. we're working on that.

my reasons for starting the fast/cleanse are many, but not always easy to explain. i did a "48 hour detox" from local juicer arden's garden around two years ago. i found it to be pretty easy to drink a gallon of watered down orange/grapefruit juice a day, but didn't really notice any dramatic effects. my main gripe was getting really tired the first night.

so recently, i was looking to reset things a bit coming into the spring. i've been eating out more and not enjoying my meals as much. i'm a big foodie/eater, so that didn't make me happy. i started asking around and someone forwarded me a document (30 pages, nonetheless!) containing the master cleanse. i got the impression it was pretty popular, so i decided to go for it. i feel like i'm relatively healthy and not so much "full of toxins", but i though the cleansing part would be an added benefit and an interesting experiment/experience.

so here's a rough list of some of my reasons/motivations:
1. see what happens when i (willingly) don't eat solid food for more than 48 hours
2. prove to myself that i could do it
3. regain an appreciation for food
4. trim up a bit (i'm still exercising)
5. experience something new!

alright, now that i've bored everyone sufficiently, that salt water is still staring back at me...


At 12:13 PM, Blogger Greg S. said...

i just drank a quart of semi-salty water. waiting. waiting...

At 2:07 PM, Blogger Jess said...

I'm a new member... and you didn't buy me ice cream. I feel cheated!

At 2:14 PM, Blogger Greg S. said...

dude, BE QUIET! didn't anyone tell you the ice cream is a ploy?!

so, the salt water "bath": very uneventful. and now i'm craving salt something fierce. i dunno if that's related, but i think my body figured out how to assimilate that stuff.

wait, what's this... shit!

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Scott said...

I did a quart of warm seasalt water on Wed morning before I quit the fast. Warm is better than cool to drink. Just seems to go down easier and faster (probably because it's body temp). That shit is *rough* going down, but refreshing coming out! And just like my 1st salt bath, it was train that arrived on time. 40 mins after drinking I hadda drop the kids off at the pool. I sure do have a lotta kids on this fast.

Can you say "particulates"?


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