Monday, April 11, 2005

hello, my name is re-tox

eating is so much fun that i haven't had time to update this here bloggy-blog.

i started eating solid foods on thursday night, but stuck pretty closely to just eating fruits and vegetables. that had been my plan since wednesday night, but actually all i had to eat all day was an orange before i went to work at the restaurant... i'd had probably a quarter of a gallon of watered down sugar cane juice mix, plus the orange, and that was it for the day. clearly my brain wasn't plugged into my head, because i forgot to take my juice to work, and got hungry almost as soon as i got there. T.O.R.T.U.R.E.
i was really, really about to lose it, and just chow down on some delicious rathbun's food, but i resisted all night, and by the time i got home i had zero willpower left. my willpower was in the negative numbers. i ate a peanut butter sandwich. mmmmmm.

friday & saturday i ate mostly fruits and veggies, and didn't have my first coffee until saturday night at work. triple iced americano. mmmmmm X 12. i also had a generous amount of vodka, which was mmmmmm until sunday morning. i think my body is sufficiently re-toxinated.

last night greg, scott, bridget & i feasted at lush, the vegan restaurant where scott had his last meal before the fast. holy un-animal-product goodness. that shit was amazing, especially the chocolate dessert platter. yay for vegan food that tastes like it's full of butter!!

okay, time for my ponderations post-fast:
1. REALLY glad i did it- i do feel like i cleansed myself of a lot of junk that was sitting around in my body, beat my caffeine addiction, proved my will-power is pretty damn strong, and regained some appreciation for food, which were kind of my reasons for trying the fast to start off with.
2. i think if i did it again, i'd do 5 days. that seemed long enough to cleanse sufficiently, but short enough to where i wasn't about to eat my arm out of boredom.
3. i still haven't decided how i'm going to deal with coffee now that i'm not a raging psycho when i don't have it first thing in the morning. i absolutely *love* the stuff, so it's going to be hard to not get addicted again.... so much so that i'm not sure i'm going to try. i do think it'd be healthy for me to cut back a bit- i'm debating sticking to drinking herbal tea when i'm at work or school instead of coffee.
4. i also lost weight on the fast, but i'm pretty sure i'll gain it back relatively soon. i went from 116 to 112 in 2 days. next time you need to drop a couple of pounds, just don't eat! works wonders.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

day 7 complete, my first "solid" meal

this afternoon marked seven days of the master cleanse juice fast/cleanse/diet/whatever. seven days was my original goal, although early on i was considering stretching it to ten, as that was the recommended minimum. i woke up today feeling really good, without the inclination to laze around in bed for very long. last night i was pretty excited about the idea of making soup today. now that i've made and consumed a bit of the soup (which was pretty damn good by the way), everything seems a little less exciting. my food fantasies were really vivid on days 6 and 7, which coincidentally were also the hardest days for me. my fantasies included all the places i wanted to go eat (new and old favorites) and what i was going to eat for our celebratory dinner.

as side note, sunset and i went out last night and she got a glass of wine. i had a sip and it tasted really strange. i can't really explain how, but maybe if you drank some orange juice and then had a sip of wine, that would be a similar experience.

a few things about me
i'm young (around 30)
i'm relatively active (2 yoga classes a week)
i'm healthy, always have been
i'm relatively thin, although i had a pretty small "gut" to start with

where i'm at now
earlier today i felt really thin and light. it's definitely a different feeling to have your insides full. i was noticing how satisfying it is to fill my insides while i was enjoying a second bowl of thick soup today. my belly feels more "in the way" than it has in a while.

speaking of thin, i've definitely lost weight on this fast/cleanse/diet. i'm not sure how much, as i don't have a scale, but i would assume 5 pounds, maybe a bit more. i realized a day or so ago that i could pull my jeans off *with* my belt on in it's usual position. so now my somewhat form-fitting jeans feel like they're falling off a bit. i don't mind so much, but i'm not sure how long that will last as i ease back into my regular omivorian diet.

one of my reasons for trying this "cleanse" was because i felt like i was losing some of my appreciation for food. last night i felt that appreciation in spades, which was refreshing. now that i've eaten a bit, i wish i had the same overwhelming appreciation that i felt last night.

activity during
i definitely found i could function as usual at work and with my regular excersize schedule. my caffeine intake was pretty moderate before starting, and i didn't have big issues with cravings there. all of us quit caffeine while on the cleanse, and sunset and scott had a more difficult time with this, although they're much bigger caffeine addicts than me. (do note, however, that i love coffee as much as either of them ;)

my experience
out of everybody, i seemed to have the most even-keel experience. the most dramatic day for me was thursday (day 6), which wasn't helped by my mistake with the "internal salt water bath" (see below). i think i was looking for something dramatic at this point, as the boredom/monotony of it all had really started to set in. sunset and i discussed early on that this would be a real issue for both of us.

would i do it again?
i would definitely consider it. i think it's a healthy way to clear out your body, get things in perspective, and loose a few pounds in the process. i'd also be interested in looking into vegetable broth alternative, as i'm very much a savory person, so i think that might be easier for me to sustain (especially if there was some variety).

other stuff
there's so much to tell. everyone has their own experience and up-and-downs. if you are considering the master cleanse, i would suggest that you commit to at least 3 days, and try to end on an "up" day. i still had solids in my system before day 3, so i consider that the beginning of being "cleared out".

i think most of us described something resembling a sore throat early on (day 3 or before). it might have been related to our citrusy drink, but for me it was pretty subtle. i'm sure it's not indicative of a real problem.

be prepared for a heightened sense of smell! this was noticeable to me early on, but seemed more so as i progressed.

at least one person at work asked me about protein on the fast, and i know scott has voiced concerns about the lack of protein in this diet. i am particularly sensitive to protein in my regular diet. i find that when i don't have a good balance, especially first thing in the day, i get really sleepy after i eat. however, on this diet i found that my body was able to adjust pretty well.

mixed feelings coming off
i'm definitely looking forward getting back to my normal flexible diet, but i do feel surprisingly mixed now that i've transitioned off the cleanse. that might have something to do with wondering what would have been in store for me on day 8, 9, and 10.

i think all of us have been more conscious about what we're putting into our bodies which is good. it will be interesting to see how this affects our omnivorious diets.

that's about all i have in me for right now. now i'm going to contemplate when i'll have my first post-cleanse espresso ;)

Friday, April 08, 2005

approaching day 7, the final stretch

well, jess and scott are off the fast/cleanse and sunset is starting to transition off. props to everyone for making it as far as they did, especially sunset.

internal salt water bathing!
i just downed a quart of salt water for my "internal salt water bath", so i may have to run (literally) before this post is over. i realized i accidently made the mixture yesterday with 1/2 the recommended salt (1 t/quart) which would probably explain why the initial effects were not that dramatic, whereas the later effects were very unpleasant. basically, i had one of the worse toilet experiences of my life. while on the toilet, i felt very uncomfortable (cramps), then something clicked in my head and i started to feel very uneasy and light-headed. mind you, i'm at the office. i'm pretty sure it was a mental thing, but it was extremely unpleasant. get it? unpleasant. anyway, i kinda wanted to do it again today to prove that it's not a big deal. so here i am.

at the office. yeah.

day 5.5/6
after i drank the salt water yesterday and before things got really "unpleasant", i had my worse cravings to date. it may be because i was expecting something dramatic to happen with the salt water and nothing had come (almost two hours later). anyway, i had a tiny jar of marmite on my desk that i'd added a little water to loosen the remaining bit. i dipped my finger in there an tasted it-- bad idea. i did that until the watery marmite was finished. i chatted with sunset and started questioning how much longer i wanted to continue. shortly after that i had the experience described above.

in short, yesterday was the toughest day so far. i went to yoga class as usual (my third for the week) and was pretty exhausted afterwards. i didn't feel that great. after laying on the bed for a few minutes, i got up again and felt better. i had a little more trouble getting to sleep than usual.

today, day 6.5/7
tomorrow afternoon will mark 7 days from my last solid meal with sunset (last saturday). we started planning a celebratory dinner yesterday for sunday night at lush, which allowed me to fixate on "real food" for a little while. in order to transition to solid food, i'm roughly following the master cleanse guidelines. i'm probably going to start drinking a little orange juice tonight and tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon or early evening i'm going to make SOUP. i'll might have a little more of this on sunday along with some of the leftover raw food from our meal last weekend. after that i should be ready for lush. damn, i can't wait!

well, i've been to the bathroom twice while writing this. i'm happy to say this salt bath experience was much better than yesterday's, although i wouldn't go so far as to call it "refreshing".

finally, i'll note i just had my first sip of juice for the day and it actually tasted pretty good ;)

Thursday, April 07, 2005

boredom ensues

i'm bored. i'm reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallly frikkin bored of only ingesting lemon-juice/sugar cane mixture and tea. tea is good and all, but come on. 6 days of only this??

actually, i knew this would happen. i figured apart from the caffeine, this would be the hardest part. i'm actually going to start cheating today, partially from the boredom, but also partially because i don't feel like i'm going to get a whole lot more out of fasting. i've felt absolutely fine the past two days: very mild to no headaches, good energy level, not hungry... but i'm also not 'getting rid' of any more toxins. my tongue also looks pretty pinkish, so i'm happy with the progress. i think this afternoon and tomorrow i'm going to start juicing other fruits and maybe vegetables, and drinking that, along with some lemon juice mixture. i still won't have eaten solid foods for 7 days, but i really can't take the monotony anymore.

i like changes!!!

day 5.5/6: two down, two to go!

i'm pretty hungry but i haven't had any juice yet today. i'm staring at a quart of slighly salty water for my "internal salt water bath". it scares me a little.

i woke up this morning to a message from scott telling me that he broke his fast/cleanse last night at dinner: wakame salad and miso soup. he made it a little longer than 72 hours which i believe was his revised goal. jess made it 48 hours which i believe was his goal for starting out.

left are me and sunset, 5.5/6 days into the master cleanse. we started on saturday afternoon and it's now thursday morning. last night saturday afternoon seemed really far away. today, with two days left to go, it seems a bit more manageable. we're sticking pretty closely to "the book", so the first day off only affords us the luxury of orange juice. i'm starting to get really excited about our vegetable soup on sunday. wow.

cheating dream
i had some crazy food/fast related dreams last night. i dreamed i was making biscuits (the southern American kind, y'all) and i started eating one of them. at some point i was like "oh shit! i can't do this!" i starting wondering what the effects would be of putting solid food in my body. i think i felt a little unsettled. later, i putting something else in my mouth and had the same "oh shit!" reaction. seems like i was having a hard time remembering i was trying to stick to the fast.

reportedly i was also talking in my sleep and smacking my lips. i have been known to fantasize about food as i'm falling asleep ;)

why are you fasting? who are you people??
we're all very religious. we are members of a new church called the church of scientific fastology, first juice branch. we hold weekly services around town and treat new members to lots of ice cream. we're always looking for new members who like to eat ice cream. please contact one of us if you'd like to visit or are considering join our cul--church, excuse me.

actually, the church hasn't quite gotten off the ground yet. we're working on that.

my reasons for starting the fast/cleanse are many, but not always easy to explain. i did a "48 hour detox" from local juicer arden's garden around two years ago. i found it to be pretty easy to drink a gallon of watered down orange/grapefruit juice a day, but didn't really notice any dramatic effects. my main gripe was getting really tired the first night.

so recently, i was looking to reset things a bit coming into the spring. i've been eating out more and not enjoying my meals as much. i'm a big foodie/eater, so that didn't make me happy. i started asking around and someone forwarded me a document (30 pages, nonetheless!) containing the master cleanse. i got the impression it was pretty popular, so i decided to go for it. i feel like i'm relatively healthy and not so much "full of toxins", but i though the cleansing part would be an added benefit and an interesting experiment/experience.

so here's a rough list of some of my reasons/motivations:
1. see what happens when i (willingly) don't eat solid food for more than 48 hours
2. prove to myself that i could do it
3. regain an appreciation for food
4. trim up a bit (i'm still exercising)
5. experience something new!

alright, now that i've bored everyone sufficiently, that salt water is still staring back at me...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Day 2 for Jess

I am well into day 2 now. I'm not sure when I'm supposed to say I started, but I can say with certainty that it has been since Monday at 7:00pm since I've had a solid meal. All other meals have been fruit punch.

I think I'll quit the fast tonight (after a 48 hour period). Although the duration of the fast will have been much shorter than the recommended time, I still feel like I learned something. Stuff I've learned so far:

1. No food makes Jess very grumpy. At least, that is on day one. Today, I feel a little more mellow and less preoccupied with thoughts of food.

2. No food makes it difficult for Jess to concentrate. Again, at least on day one. I had a very difficult time concentrating yesterday. I am doing a little better today.

3. Two days is not enough to cleanse. Especially, if you're not taking the "relaxing teas." Not a big deal since I now know ...

4. Not eating gives you a much greater respect for food (good food). I passed by a gas station this morning with a sign out front that said "Stuff yourself". Pictured on the sign was a bag of potato chips, cookies, and a can of pop. It just about made me ill. Crap food is not appealing right now. Steak is.

5. In addition to steak, I have a carb craving. I wasn't kidding yesterday when I said I wanted a piece of toast. I also want a nice Papa Johns pizza. Some might consider this crap food too, but at least its one step above the junk on that sign.

6. Watching people eat when you are hungry is not a good idea. It just makes it worse.

I'll keep you guys posted on my progress today.

Scott - Completed Day 2 and started Day 3 today

Today (Day 2) has been the hardest day so far. My energy level was nothing compared to yesterday. I took a nap this evening and now I feel better. I'm hungry, but it's about the same as before. Comes and goes and not too bad.

I've now gone almost 60 hrs sans solid food, 74 hrs without coffee and even longer without a cigarette. I've also not taken any ibuprofen, psuedoeffidrine, or oxymetazoline (three things I take about twice a week on average for sinus/congestion issues) in almost a week. Also, no daily multivitamin and L-Lysine since the fast. I take L-Lysine to prevent canker sores.

At the moment I feel pretty good. I have a mild headache, but earlier (for the 1st time so far in the fast) my headache went completely away after taking a walk. Just as I expected. A little exercise worked it out. The hardest time for me is when I wake up. I feel pretty miserable with low blood sugar, but a glass of concoctive later, and I'm feeling OK.

I decided to mix it up a bit earlier and try the Maple syrup mixture. It was pretty damn good. It was a nice change. Besides that my only other treat is an occasional La Croix. I'll also try replacing the lime with lemon. Apparently, that's cool. The acidity of the lemon/lime is making my teeth feel grainy and my mouth is getting canker sores (probably from lack of L-Lysine too).

I'm starting to wonder about the difference between the Sugar Cane Juice and the Grade B Maple Syrup. I wonder if the Grade B Maple Syrup has more vitamins, than the cane juice. There's no information in the Master Cleanse booklet about this.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

organic lemon buyers unite

went to the farmers market tonight to pick greg & i up some more supplies, only to discover there were a total of ten, count them, TEN, organic lemons in the entire farmer's market. uhh..... someone should buy stock in this shit. seriously.

in other frannie news, my headache is back with avengence. grrrr! it's been there, midly, all week, but this afternoon it really started hurting again, and it's still there. what gives?? i'm annoyed.

everyone hits their stride, jess begins

day 3.5/4

wow. looks like everyone is feeling really good. awesome! i would say the fast effects for me have been less dramatic than scott and sunset. no lasting headaches, no hallucinations, no ridiculous number of trips to the bathroom.

jess has started, and i wish him well. sounds like he may have made his lemonade a little too spicy, which is not a pleasant way to start. he also skipped breakfast his first day, which is different than the rest of us.


about the same as usual. no problems focusing on work (any more than usual, anyway).

energy level:
at least slightly better than usual, even on low sleep (yesterday).

no problems with a rigorous class last night.

i comes up every now-and-then, but not a big deal. probably could drink more juice.

good shape. i think the final bit of solids left my system yesterday. i was surprised there was anything solid in there after drinking liquid for two days. yes, you'd be surprised at how interesting your bowel moments become when you don't have the "distraction" of eating ;)

something savory, for the love of god! marrrrrrmiiiiiiiite. maybe i'll try that fabulous salt "inner bath".

WARNING - Lemon Juice will Bleach your clothing! -- EOM

over the hump

wow. today i feel *amazing*....this is the first day i've felt like i had a lot of energy- i kinda do feel like i've had coffee. WEIRD. and AWESOME! the only thing that's lacking from the coffee experience is the slight headache i still have. it gets worse and then better, and is slowly fading, i think, but every so often one of those hammers from saturday night sends his baby daughter to whack me in the head again.

my bathroom runs have become more infrequent, but i think i'm gonna have to try the salt-water cleanser that scott did.... he's right about the laxative tea being kinda unpleasant. it would be nice to experience, as my friend jared affectionately refers to it, 'the clean sweep'.

last night was easier than yesterday during the day- i got really hungry & irritated at work when my office-mate was chowing down and i'd run out of lemon-juice mixture. it didn't help that i was really sleepy and the coffee pot is right around the corner.

today i'm going to conquer the WORLD!!!!!!!

LITE Artificial Butter Flavored Syrup Product

MIND - Yesterday was very interesting. And manic. Very manic. I had (and am still having) a really difficult time concentrating on one thing at a time. My mind is all over the place. I have too much unfocused mental energy. This is by-far the most striking effect of the fast. Bridget commented last night that she'd never seen me so manic.

I feel creative. I'm compulsively cleaning, organizing, gardening, and writing. It's very difficult to do things like read, unless it's really interesting. I get bored quickly and want to move on to something else. Mentally, I've either never felt like this before, or haven't felt like this in a profoundly long time. I'm glad I'm out of work, else I might find this energy too disturbing (especially for anything rote).

I just can't do anything that doesn't feel very engaging. It's taking a tremendous amount of focus to do anything that isn't really interesting. I need to do my taxes, mail in my car insurance info, and write back the woman I interviewed with yesterday. And while I'm very into getting things done, I just don't care about any of this stuff.

I've also gotten a bit dizzy and light-headed at times. I've had a few hallucinations. They're pretty minor (like seeing things moving out of the corner of my eye), but last night I was convinced there were ants crawling on a piece of paper. They were only pencil marks.

HUNGER - ... is hardly an issue. I am hungry, but it's not anywhere near debilitating. Drinking the Sugar-Cane-Juice, Lemon, and Cayenne Pepper mix is satiating. The sugar goes right to the brain.

However, I've never fantasized about food like I would about sex. I am now. I'm having rather elaborate fantasies about touching food, putting food in my mouth, and chewing. I don't really care about the filling of the stomach as much as the tactile pleasure of eating. I just had a rather involved fantasy where I rubbed strawberry all over my lips, put it in my mouth, played with it with my tongue, and finally bit into it. It burst in my mouth. Delicious! I could feel the tiny prickles.

BOWELS - Churning and burning baby! The "Smooth Move" laxative tea (Senna leaf) seems to keep things moving around (with a little pain), and the cayenne pepper burns upon departure. I did the salt water cleanse about 45 mins ago. It was disgusting and difficult to consume, but it just went through me: a freight train of salty goodness. Besides having to drink it, I enjoyed this experience. It didn't give me cramps like the tea. Felt like it really just shot right through and cleaned me out.

HEAD - No caffeine in the last 54 hrs. My head still has a dull ache and has been this way since I woke up yesterday. It's not unbearable, but is annoying. I feel like some exercise would work it out. I'll at least take a long walk today. Maybe I'll run. My energy feels high for small tasks. Running sounds a bit intense without solids at the moment.

CLEANSING MORE THAN BODY - I'm cleaning out my drawers and kitchen cabinets. I found the following in my cabinet and laughed out loud: "LITE Artificial Butter Flavored Syrup Product." Ha! That sounds like the stupidest crappiest most-processed thing ever! ... especially since I bought Grade-B Organic Maple Syrup at the Farmer's Market today. Needless to say, the "Butter Flavored Syrup Product" is going in the can with the rest of my waste.

WEIGHT -- Apr-05-2005 -- 5:30AM
Me - 161.4 lbs -- 21.3% body fat

Cheating already

Okay, it's day one for me, and my mind is already subconciously attempting to cheat. I woke up pretty groggy this morning and headed straight for the breakfast bars. It was only after I had bitten off a good mouthful that I realized I was supposed to start my fasting today. Visions of bulimic teens danced in my head as I squatted over the garbage can spitting the Balance Bar out of my mouth. Later, as I fed Alessia, I absently put one of her Cheerios in my mouth. That one went into the sink.

I think I put too much cayenne pepper into the mix. I know it's supposed to have a small kick to it but it tastes more like Texas chile. Does it upset anyone else's stomach?

By the way, I'm f*cking hungry.

Monday, April 04, 2005

gimmie some of your tots

day three. i offically declare today 'run-to-the-bathroom-every-two-minutes' day.

not pleasant! i guess i'm getting rid of all the toxins in my body, but man, there seem to be a LOT. and when you're walking to school and suddenly have to go, the thought of squatting in oakland cemetary becomes somewhat appealing (don't worry folks, i'm more mature than to actually do that).

other than that, i feel pretty good today.... i think i have a nearly-normal amount of energy (yesterday i was tired all day), and i haven't been hungry since last night. it might help that my lemon-juice mixture is much tastier today, so i'm drinking more. we made it with sugarcane juice instead of maple syrup, and decreased the amount of cayenne pepper. t.a.s.t.y.

Not sleepy

I'm not sleepy. I drank a glass of Smooth Move laxative tea last night and again tonight. That stuff definitely does something to my body. Things are gurgling and moving around. I bought Peppermint tea at Target to drink as well.

I've really taken to the concoctive we're supposed to be drinking. I like a 1/2 water and 1/2 sugar cane juice mix (with the requisite lemon juice and cayenne).

I'm hungry.