Friday, April 08, 2005

approaching day 7, the final stretch

well, jess and scott are off the fast/cleanse and sunset is starting to transition off. props to everyone for making it as far as they did, especially sunset.

internal salt water bathing!
i just downed a quart of salt water for my "internal salt water bath", so i may have to run (literally) before this post is over. i realized i accidently made the mixture yesterday with 1/2 the recommended salt (1 t/quart) which would probably explain why the initial effects were not that dramatic, whereas the later effects were very unpleasant. basically, i had one of the worse toilet experiences of my life. while on the toilet, i felt very uncomfortable (cramps), then something clicked in my head and i started to feel very uneasy and light-headed. mind you, i'm at the office. i'm pretty sure it was a mental thing, but it was extremely unpleasant. get it? unpleasant. anyway, i kinda wanted to do it again today to prove that it's not a big deal. so here i am.

at the office. yeah.

day 5.5/6
after i drank the salt water yesterday and before things got really "unpleasant", i had my worse cravings to date. it may be because i was expecting something dramatic to happen with the salt water and nothing had come (almost two hours later). anyway, i had a tiny jar of marmite on my desk that i'd added a little water to loosen the remaining bit. i dipped my finger in there an tasted it-- bad idea. i did that until the watery marmite was finished. i chatted with sunset and started questioning how much longer i wanted to continue. shortly after that i had the experience described above.

in short, yesterday was the toughest day so far. i went to yoga class as usual (my third for the week) and was pretty exhausted afterwards. i didn't feel that great. after laying on the bed for a few minutes, i got up again and felt better. i had a little more trouble getting to sleep than usual.

today, day 6.5/7
tomorrow afternoon will mark 7 days from my last solid meal with sunset (last saturday). we started planning a celebratory dinner yesterday for sunday night at lush, which allowed me to fixate on "real food" for a little while. in order to transition to solid food, i'm roughly following the master cleanse guidelines. i'm probably going to start drinking a little orange juice tonight and tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon or early evening i'm going to make SOUP. i'll might have a little more of this on sunday along with some of the leftover raw food from our meal last weekend. after that i should be ready for lush. damn, i can't wait!

well, i've been to the bathroom twice while writing this. i'm happy to say this salt bath experience was much better than yesterday's, although i wouldn't go so far as to call it "refreshing".

finally, i'll note i just had my first sip of juice for the day and it actually tasted pretty good ;)


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