Saturday, April 02, 2005

let the games begin

alright. sunset and i started "the master cleanse" today after a late lunch. we walked down to sevananda and picked up a varietly of raw and raw-ish foods. i do think both of us ate quite a bit, but the plan, of course, is that will be our last solid meal for at least seven days.

after lunch, we made our first batch of lemonade, sunset's "meal" to bring to work tonight:

2 T fresh squeezed organic lemon juice
2 T organic maple syrup
1/10 t cayenne pepper
8 oz water

x 4 servings

later in the afternoon, i picked up three 1/2 gallons of fresh squeezed sugar cane juice from the farmer's market. i'm going to be using this instead of the maple syrup thing as "the master" (ha ha) said that's ideal compared to maple syrup or other options. bascially, same recipe as above, but substitute 10 oz of sugarcane juice for the water and maple syrup.

i drank a cup of "stay regular" laxative tea about an hour ago and i just finished about 32 ounces of lemonade. damn, that went quick. anyway, the stuff tastes pretty good. much sweeter than sunset's, although she did choose to half the maple syrup above (forgot to mention that).

so now i'm just waiting for some movie plans to come together. sin city. tonight!


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