Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Scott - Completed Day 2 and started Day 3 today

Today (Day 2) has been the hardest day so far. My energy level was nothing compared to yesterday. I took a nap this evening and now I feel better. I'm hungry, but it's about the same as before. Comes and goes and not too bad.

I've now gone almost 60 hrs sans solid food, 74 hrs without coffee and even longer without a cigarette. I've also not taken any ibuprofen, psuedoeffidrine, or oxymetazoline (three things I take about twice a week on average for sinus/congestion issues) in almost a week. Also, no daily multivitamin and L-Lysine since the fast. I take L-Lysine to prevent canker sores.

At the moment I feel pretty good. I have a mild headache, but earlier (for the 1st time so far in the fast) my headache went completely away after taking a walk. Just as I expected. A little exercise worked it out. The hardest time for me is when I wake up. I feel pretty miserable with low blood sugar, but a glass of concoctive later, and I'm feeling OK.

I decided to mix it up a bit earlier and try the Maple syrup mixture. It was pretty damn good. It was a nice change. Besides that my only other treat is an occasional La Croix. I'll also try replacing the lime with lemon. Apparently, that's cool. The acidity of the lemon/lime is making my teeth feel grainy and my mouth is getting canker sores (probably from lack of L-Lysine too).

I'm starting to wonder about the difference between the Sugar Cane Juice and the Grade B Maple Syrup. I wonder if the Grade B Maple Syrup has more vitamins, than the cane juice. There's no information in the Master Cleanse booklet about this.


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