Tuesday, April 05, 2005

over the hump

wow. today i feel *amazing*....this is the first day i've felt like i had a lot of energy- i kinda do feel like i've had coffee. WEIRD. and AWESOME! the only thing that's lacking from the coffee experience is the slight headache i still have. it gets worse and then better, and is slowly fading, i think, but every so often one of those hammers from saturday night sends his baby daughter to whack me in the head again.

my bathroom runs have become more infrequent, but i think i'm gonna have to try the salt-water cleanser that scott did.... he's right about the laxative tea being kinda unpleasant. it would be nice to experience, as my friend jared affectionately refers to it, 'the clean sweep'.

last night was easier than yesterday during the day- i got really hungry & irritated at work when my office-mate was chowing down and i'd run out of lemon-juice mixture. it didn't help that i was really sleepy and the coffee pot is right around the corner.

today i'm going to conquer the WORLD!!!!!!!


At 7:21 PM, Blogger Scott said...

You go girl.


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