Monday, April 11, 2005

hello, my name is re-tox

eating is so much fun that i haven't had time to update this here bloggy-blog.

i started eating solid foods on thursday night, but stuck pretty closely to just eating fruits and vegetables. that had been my plan since wednesday night, but actually all i had to eat all day was an orange before i went to work at the restaurant... i'd had probably a quarter of a gallon of watered down sugar cane juice mix, plus the orange, and that was it for the day. clearly my brain wasn't plugged into my head, because i forgot to take my juice to work, and got hungry almost as soon as i got there. T.O.R.T.U.R.E.
i was really, really about to lose it, and just chow down on some delicious rathbun's food, but i resisted all night, and by the time i got home i had zero willpower left. my willpower was in the negative numbers. i ate a peanut butter sandwich. mmmmmm.

friday & saturday i ate mostly fruits and veggies, and didn't have my first coffee until saturday night at work. triple iced americano. mmmmmm X 12. i also had a generous amount of vodka, which was mmmmmm until sunday morning. i think my body is sufficiently re-toxinated.

last night greg, scott, bridget & i feasted at lush, the vegan restaurant where scott had his last meal before the fast. holy un-animal-product goodness. that shit was amazing, especially the chocolate dessert platter. yay for vegan food that tastes like it's full of butter!!

okay, time for my ponderations post-fast:
1. REALLY glad i did it- i do feel like i cleansed myself of a lot of junk that was sitting around in my body, beat my caffeine addiction, proved my will-power is pretty damn strong, and regained some appreciation for food, which were kind of my reasons for trying the fast to start off with.
2. i think if i did it again, i'd do 5 days. that seemed long enough to cleanse sufficiently, but short enough to where i wasn't about to eat my arm out of boredom.
3. i still haven't decided how i'm going to deal with coffee now that i'm not a raging psycho when i don't have it first thing in the morning. i absolutely *love* the stuff, so it's going to be hard to not get addicted again.... so much so that i'm not sure i'm going to try. i do think it'd be healthy for me to cut back a bit- i'm debating sticking to drinking herbal tea when i'm at work or school instead of coffee.
4. i also lost weight on the fast, but i'm pretty sure i'll gain it back relatively soon. i went from 116 to 112 in 2 days. next time you need to drop a couple of pounds, just don't eat! works wonders.


At 6:10 PM, Blogger Greg S. said...

you lose!

just kidding. you did great. i'm very impressed, especially with your ability to pull that coffee monkey off your back, and slap him around a bit. i think the herbal tea thing is a great idea. i promise you won't lose your love for coffee.

as far as "not eating", the loss of weight was nice, and i believe we were taking in a decent amound of calories and nutrients. seems like a relatively healthy liquid diet, unlike your saturday night...

now take it easy with the retox, k?


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