Sunday, April 03, 2005

frances - 10, caffeine - 0

yesterday was dias numero uno, and i felt totally fine (even staring at yummy-looking dishes all night at the restaurant), until 10:30/11 pm hit. hmm, seems that was about 30 hrs since my last cup of coffee, and my head was NOT happy with me. seriously, i've never had a headache that bad. EVER. i'm really glad no one was brewing a pot of coffee near me or i might have lost it....
i decided to watch a movie to get my mind off the hammers pounding on my skull, but only got half way through cause i was sooooooooo sleepy, and i could only set the volume to around "i'm-sorry-what-did-you-say?-can-you-repeat-that?", cause any louder than that and the hammers became sledgehammers. really really energetic sledgehammers.

OMG how do you people DO this every day??!?!?

however, once i fell asleep (which happened really fast- remember that thing about caffeine being a stimulant?), my headache disappeared, and this morning i feel *normal*. no headache, not hungry, just enjoying my delicious herbal tea.

i win, caffeine. go filter yourself. or something.


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