Sunday, April 03, 2005

Bitterman begins

I started the "Master Cleaning" fast exactly a day after Greg and Frances. This way they can warn me of anything (but that's not why I did it). I technically started at 3:30 today, so it's only ~7 hrs into it. My last meal was with Bridget at Lush (a Vegan restuarant). It was a really really nice way to go out. Their food is superb and the atmosphere is cool. The weather today was perfectly sunny and temperate. We sat outside.

The last solid food I put in my mouth was a deliciously ripe raspberry. I'm serious about this fast and have now committed to at least 72 hrs. Because I'm serious I reported to Bridget that putting that raspberry in my mouth gave me a feeling similar to just before the first drop on a rollercoaster.

I'm hungry and just drank 32oz of the sugar-cane, lemon juice, cayenne pepper cleansing mix that we're doing. My hunger isn't bad, and I intend to go to bed early tonight so that shouldn't be an issue.

The biggest feat so far is that I haven't had a drop of coffee today. Not one drop. It's been a very long time since I haven't had coffee during the course of a day. I woke up ~11:30am today and had a cup of green tea so that I wouldn't go completely cold turkey. But that cup of green tea is the last caffiene I intend to injest until my fast is over.

I've had a few cravings for a cigarette today (especially tonight), but they've been pretty mild. I left a scrumptious calamari taco (from Six Feet Under) in the fridge from last night. Bridget ate it in front of me tonight. I had a rather strong fantasy about drinking a beer and eating that taco.

The biggest side-effect I'm having is an inability to concentrate. This has nothing to do with not eating. It hasn't been long enough for that to matter. This has everything to do with a lack of caffeine (and maybe nicotine). However, I haven't had a headache at all, which I find quite surprising.

Bridget and I went to Target tonight to buy a scale. There's a Starbucks at the entrance, which is really no fair at all. If this fast will be good for anything, it will be to force an appreciation for all the simple things I love so much.

I wanted to buy a scale for a while now, and the fast was a good excuse to finally get it. I got a very fancy one that measures body fat by sending an electrical current through your body. I don't think the body fat measurement is very accurate, because it fluctuates a lot.

Apr-03-2005 -- 10:15pm
Me - 162.6 lbs -- 20.6% body fat
Bridget - 131.6 lbs
Nietzsche - 13.6 lbs
Mystery - 8.8 lbs


At 2:03 AM, Blogger Greg S. said...

way to go dawg. tomorrow may be a little rough but you'll make it ;) for whatever it's worth, i started using half sugar cane juice and half water for a 10 oz serving.

nighty night.

At 2:47 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Yup. I like that combo. Not so sweet. I have an interview tomorrow at 2pm that I'm a little worried about because of this lack of concentration thing.

At 10:05 AM, Blogger sunset head said...

i figured out that if your caffeine headache hits when mine did, it should have been at around 5 am this morning. what a fun way to be awoken! hope you're doing okay....

At 11:33 AM, Blogger Scott said...


I was up till 3am this morning. Now I'm up again. The dull ache in my head is still there and it's worse, but it's not unbearable. I feel cloudy, but I haven't taken a shower yet. I'm out of supplies. I need to go to the store. My job interview is really concerning me because it's not a bad gig, and I *really* need a job. I might drink some green tea beforehand as a last resort, if I truly believe it'll effect my performance. I'm not fucking around with job shit.

At 1:48 PM, Blogger sunset head said...

you know what, i would suggest the green tea. of course, it's now 1:42, so i'm probably posting too late. i know if i had to anything requiring coherence on saturday night, it would have been ugly.

*good luck*


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